Saturday, July 5, 2014

Your Child Wants to Run Away? See What Happens When This Mom Lets Her Daughter Go

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What would you do if your child tells you they want to run away from home? Has it happened already and what did you do?

b>Angel Ra's Al-Ghul Christopher's daughter wanted to run away because she was tired of living according to her mother's rules and being disciplined when she was bad.

So she packed some clothes in her bag, fixed her hair with her favorite barettes and put on her favorite walking shoes. Then she told her mom her decision and said bye.

The wise mom discussed housing and food options for runaways and homeless people with the determined girl and gave her blessing for the little girl to leave. She made a video of their discussion and shared it on Facebook with the caption;

When your kid wants to run away.. let them.. lmao

Did the child leave the house? Well you have to watch the video to see what happened :)

Do you think this mom handled it the right way?

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