Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When Does Garnishing a Meal Cross The Line? See This Nigerian Man's Food Presentation!

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I regularly share pictures of my dinner or weekend brunches on Instagram and Facebook, and today, one of my male FB friends shared a picture of his dinner for last night, saying he had made it himself. He tagged me in the pic, saying I had inspired him to eat more fruits and vegetables. He captioned it;
All these women acting like if they dont cook i will starve. Well, i made me a balanced diet. Low fat.
Now, I am happy that Nigerian men are still cooking, and that I've inspired someone to make their food more healthy, but I want to think I present my plates better than this! Without the carrot and oranges to garnish the meal, the Indomie with dodo and fried eggs actually looks yummy.

On food garnishing or plate presentation, I don't usually do that when I'm just about to eat. But sometimes when we have guests and I'm dishing in a bigger serving dish, I might make more of an effort. 

But I know my friend is joking, he's my paddy like that. KC, I love you still, but next time, keep your fruits out of your finished plate.

Or you can learn from the Food Network masters. I swear those chefs on there can know how to turn fruit and vegetable garnishes into high ART!

Who else decorates their food like my friend KC?

Below is how my plate looks when I am about to eat...I call it InstaFood

Roast squash, broccoli, tomatoes, and chicken. #nocarbs #nofilter #healthyfood

Ripe plantain dodo, is there any thing sweeter?

For those days when ordinary white rice and stew won't do. Rice and Lima beans topped with celery and mushroom sauce.

Food is ready. Tasted better than Iya Basira's lol..

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