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Watch Gidi Up Season 2 Online - Episode 1 - 5 [Every Dream Has a Price Tag]

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Gidi Up is a thrilling adventure centered around the lives of four friends in pursuit of happiness, success and independence. However, a few wrong choices quickly turn their Lagos dreams into a Gidi nightmare.

When I shared the last episode of Season 1 [here], I wasn't sure if there would be a season two. I'm happy to report that there is, and after having watched the first five episodes, my verdict is "MUST WATCH!"

For those that watched the first season of Gidi Up, some characters have had their actors changed, like OC Okeje, Adesua Etomi, and a lady I haven't watched before, but the newbies are more than equal to the task.

Enjoy! And don't blame me when you finish the first five episodes and want more :)

In the first episode – ‘To Techserve’, the group sends forth Dereick as he relocated to Port Harcourt and Tokunbo’s friend – Charles – throws him a dinner party to celebrate the funding for his start up.
And for the question we all had after the epic end of season 1: Is Folarin dead? Well, You’ll just have to watch to find out!!

2. The group deals with the possibility of losing their friend forever as Obi is rushed to the hospital by a good samaritan and is in critical condition. Tokunbo has lunch with his mother and their conversation gets very heated and Yvonne is made a very tempting offer by Sharon!

3. Yvonne and Eki attend Sharon's engagement dinner and Yvonne discovers a few unexpected things about the 'perfect' groom. Folarin makes a dramatic comeback and has a few confrontations. Obi wakes up.

4. Obi's meeting with Illa, the woman who rescued him and paid his medical bills, takes an interesting turn. Tokunbo has a surprise visitor. Yvonne and Sharon begin to work on their business as it begins to dawn on Yvonne that she may made a deal with the devil.

5. Eki finally sees Tokunbo as they run into each other at a beach party. Monye demands that Obi sees her as the woman that she is and no longer as a little sister. Meka, Sharon and Yvonne have a very awkward moment. Eki realizes she has big news.

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