Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Natural Hair Movement - Only For Black Women or Should We Include Other Races?

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One of those forums for natural-haired girls to discuss about everything from hair tips, LOCs, Big Chops, CoWashs to personal natural hair journeys is CurlyNikki.com.

Yesterday, a young white woman by the name of Sarah (or Vlogger Waterlily716 on Youtube) shared her natural hair journey, and there was some sort of outcry, as most of the site's readers felt the site should just be for black women and nut just any curly woman, especially when they are not at all black.

The comments section now has almost 550 comments most of them insisting that other races should not be involved in "the natural hair movement."

"The backlash is because its not just a hair issue. We as black or brown women know that we aren't the only race to get our hair permed, weaved or strive to fit in with main stream media. Yet we were the only race ignored by main stream media, and still today. Sarah, what you fail to realize is this movement isn't just about self loved. This is about brown self love. Entire Generations of brown people who's skin wasn't good enough, let alone there hair! Brown women in this country in general are just now excepting their beauty. While this country has more than excepted women who look like you since the foundation. I don't have a problem with you hair journey,Bravo great job! I do have problem with how you equalize your hair struggle with a brown women." wrote one commenter.

Most of the the other comments toed this line, that natura hair should be for Black women, however, a few spoke in support of including other races like the one below..

"These comments are beyond ignorant. Natural hair by definition is unaltered hair, free of chemical processing. Sarah, like many of you (myself included), has NATURAL hair. These comments are coming from a place of insecurity. Just because she did not transition out of a perm/relaxer, does not have 4a/b/c hair, does not make her unrelatable to the natural hair community. Many of you envy Tracee Ellis Ross' hair.... but have you taken a moment to see what her unaltered curls look like? Loose and wavy...much like Sarah's. Shameless Maya has an old natural hair regimen video (Pre-shaved head ) in which she includes 4 NATURAL HAIR types that range from 2b right on to 4c. Do you have criticism on that as well?? Sarah shared products included in her daily regimen....many of which I happen to use myself (I am a 4a/b for those of you ready and waiting to assume I have a similar texture to hers). That fact alone shows you that even " OUR" products are not geared towards us alone....but towards a RANGE of NATURAL HAIR textures. Get over the color of her skin and open your mind. Be enlightened." said one commenter.

So which side are you on? #TeamBlackNatural or #TeamUniversalNatural?


  1. if she chose to share her hair journey then why not? to question it simply smacks of racism. if you don't like it, simply ignore her article. did curlynikki specify that her blog was only for black hair?

    1. Exactly, curly nikki never said her blog was black only. I am tired of how some black people discriminate other colours and shades within their colour and think it doesnt count. Its just horrible.

  2. Just reading that first comment, you can see she is extremely ignorant
    If you needed any confirmations, her English should be the proof
    With ignorant people, it's best to shrug and just keep it moving 'cause it'll take a whole lot trying to make this type see reasons. Through civilization and Education, majority of white populations have moved away from racism. Guess who are the new racists in town? Sad to say, but your guess is as good as mine


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