Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Many Engagement Rings of Victoria Beckham - 13 Rings In 15 Years of Marriage

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For Victoria Beckham, engagement rings seem to be to her a fashion accessory rather than a permanent symbol of love.

When David proposed in 1998, Victoria’s first ring was a diamond cut into an elongated ‘marquise’ shape, set on a yellow gold band, worth around £65,000.

Since then, the singer-cum-fashion designer has been seen wearing an astonishing 13 engagement rings in her 15 years of marriage to husband David Beckham.

See some of them below..

According to Daily Mail, experts have valued her collection of diamonds, emeralds and sapphires at nearly £4million!

As the couple’s star profile grew, so did the value of her rings! At Wimbledon this year she showed off a £100,000 engagement ring, and one of her favourites is a square cut emerald with surrounding diamonds, valued at £500,000.

The most expensive of her thirteen engagement rings is said to be a huge heart-shaped diamond thought to be worth in excess of £1million.


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