Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sisi Yemmie Gushes About Her New Husband And Their Luxurious Honeymoon in Dubai

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#HusbandWifeSelfie - We have so many selfies together now! We celebrated our 1 week wedding anniversary on Friday! :)

Sisi Yemmie and Bobo Yomi spent the week following their wedding in Dubai, and now they are back in Nigeria, she is still full of the fun memories. She says;
We spent those past week in Dubai Honeymooning at the luxurious  Burj Al Arab and e just dey like heaven: Dubai was pretty, almost as if na so heaven go be but hot as hell! It was like 40 degrees there, we came back properly roasted, sorry tanned.

Dubai is THE place to go to if you want a luxurious holiday: I was stunned by the architecture everywhere...sky scarpers, neat environment and gosh I cannot explain. You need to go see for yourself!
Check out more of her photos below and more on her blog.

That's the Burj Al Arab!

Here's a cute little surprise we got from the hotel on one of our days day: rose petals all the way up to the bathroom (jacuzzi) and the bedroom and a lovely chocolate cake, plus a bottle of wine and greeting card. Really sweet! Oh and a bouquet of roses for Sisi: I have never had this many bouquet of fresh flowers in my life!

The glam room we stayed at the Burj Al Arab: it was magnificent. Money good oh. We were pampered silly, intact if not anything, my stay in Dubai showed me that I need to work smart and hard so I can enjoy the goodies of this life. The people wet rent room for 1 year for Burj na only 1 head den get abi nor be so? My God can do all things and if He so wishes I fit buy the whole Burj sef. LOL *snaps fingers

The ride that picked us up from the airport

Breakfast Buffet at The Burj

Well fed Sisi = Happy Sisi !

My pouting selfie...my selfie career is improving

Wafi City, Dubai

The aquarium dinner we had...

I loved her costume!

Oh look! A shark!

I stumbled into a store and they had the cutest homeward times ever! Cute and cheap...Can you see how colourful? They sell almost anything! Anything! I found the store inside reef mall...Dubai has ALOT of malls! I forgot I was on my honeymoon- I almost went crazy trying to shop.

What I Bought

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