Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pregnant Kelly Rowland Gets Criticized For Aggressive Gym Routine With Personal Trainer

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As we all know, this is the first baby for Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon who made the happy announcement earlier this month with a cute photo of daddy and baby sneakers.

Since that outing, Kelly has posted continued to show off her growing bump including in pictures of her working out. She said of her pregnancy exercise routine,

I'm in love with boxing and yoga right now. It just feels good, it's really empowering. I just feel like I'm getting my little strength back and getting my little jabs in.

People think the yoga is OK, but recent pictures where Kelly goes all out with a personal trainer in what looks like an aggressive workout regimen have attracted some criticism.

One commenter said;

Stupid *FAD* workouts that are Dangerous and have no periodized program!! The treadmill workout is insanely stupid!! Especially because she is pregnant. Idiot celebrities personal trainers and their clients that refuse to research and instead feed their addictive nature.

Another wrote;

Pregnant women shouldn't work out like THAT. I'm sorry.

In a discussion on the pregnant Alysia Montano who ran 800M while 34 weeks pregnant, the consensus for pregnancy exercise seems to be that if one is used to working out before getting pregnant, most doctors will tell you to continue with your routine in an uncomplicated pregnancy. However, you should watch your blood pressure and heart rate toward the end.

It is clear in Kelly's case that the 33-year-old wants to snap back in shape after she gives birth, and from her toned pre-pregnancy body, she's obviously used to working out regularly. I can't think of any pregnant woman that will deliberately put themselves and their baby in danger.


  1. People will always have an opinion. She can work out as long as she is not putting herself or the child in danger.

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