Monday, July 7, 2014

POLL - Ladies Choose One: A Broke Faithful Man or a Rich Cheater?

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If these two were the only type of men available, broke and faithful or rich and a cheat, which would you choose? 

Vote as usual and let's discuss in the comments.

On the previous poll, Will You Have Sex in Public? turns out a lot of us are OK with public sex! These are the results.

Yes   62 (42%)

No   67 (45%)

Public parks should ban sex   20 (13%)

Not for me but others can do it   22 (15%)

Read the post - Public Sex is Legal in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, but will you do it?


  1. The problem with a broke faithful man is that the woman might in turn become the cheater... I choose C: a rich faithful man.

    Myne I sent you an email, I'm not sure if you've received it.

  2. I take the rich cheat. Not having money is more of a deal breaker than cheating for me. Sorry.


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