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Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo Stir Controversy For Shunning Jude's Wedding

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No one is sure yet that Peter Okoye and his wife Lola were not present at his elder brother Jude's wedding to Ify Umeokeke. We may just later find out he was, and this is another PR stunt.

But Peter has been sharing pictures of himself travelling and chilling in a hotel with friends. And that has caused some falling out among his fans, some calling him to order and others defending him.

Without responding to the rude fans, he shared another photo. See the comments below...

See the Jude Okoye and his Groomsmen - HERE

See the Wedding Album - HERE

Peter and Wife Anita Isama at the Wedding - HERE

irenemadusonsmart about 5 hours ago
@petere;na waaa ooooo.....y didnt u go? dis shws u re nt a christian,payn evil wit evil*dunno*

ayobaba1 about 5 hours ago
@peterpsquare is obvious u re nt happy , even if na inside JP u dey, u go feel am say u no dey the right place all u gat is ur family bro.

mirakally about 5 hours ago
Make una lev Mr P joor.. Na family matter

mirakally about 5 hours ago
Make una lev Mr P joor.. Na family matter

chyfortune about 5 hours ago
dts cool bt. shldn't pay evil wit evil nah.u shld ve shown him sm maturity by attendin.....Nwanne imana adighi abuo ayi-ara

iam_ab1 about 5 hours ago
Ur evil n wicked @peterpsquare u have an evil heart

goldara1 about 5 hours ago
U guys are mean.kai

chyfortune about 5 hours ago
@pwettyrosee. u wan die on dia mata abi? eyyyaaa kpele oooo!!!don't stop. mchteeew!!!!!!!

omotohcorrect about 5 hours ago
Pipo nae wow o.person no fit upload pix him snap wit Frds again..@peterpsquare is in nnewi o.

munacola_maygold about 5 hours ago
Do ave to pay bad wit bad? For me I will so plan my self and make an extra ordinary appearance dat will shake d wedding and show super maturity. We re siblings we can fight outside buh outside we join forces togeda. Peace

bamidele213 about 5 hours ago
Pay back time. I love you peter so much

munacola_maygold about 5 hours ago
*we can fight inside buh outside*

goldara1 about 5 hours ago
what if he finally show up at this wedding.all u hates I smh for una.

iamprinceway about 5 hours ago
Leve dis guy alone #faceuronlifeman

onahboy about 5 hours ago
nna I can't believe that this peter that I respect and honor most ,has such heart. I thought u will put jude to shame by attending his wedding, didn't I know u are not a Christian. even if u all count in trillions without unity it's nothing, have u guys think how ur kids gonna live when u guys are no more? u are just showing the whole world that ur family lack unity. ur mum seems to be the pillar of p-square #RIP-Mum, I better remain single than to marry and hate my family. As a Christian u need to know that "Revenge belongs to God" Dont be a church visitor. congrats jude and his wife

mmaharriette about 5 hours ago
@o_tocyn lol!! I feel you

jaymoneymind about 5 hours ago
This one nah ,do me I do u, man no go fex

aleebamy about 5 hours ago
Dnt return evil fr evil. Try to make peace btwn yr brodas. D whole world is watchin and listening go yr music. Dnt let things fall apart more dan dis. I beg u. Biko.

munacola_maygold about 5 hours ago
It's obvious he is nt in nnewi ( frm already uploaded pix). Abi he dey inside kitchen or near cooling van?

bidemibrooke about 5 hours ago
Guys calm down now... It's not ur business... Cursing him and all... Wetin be Una own... Most of y'all's families have bigger issues abeg... Stop typing English here...

ladygold121 about 5 hours ago
insultin him cool..nnbut insultin his wife!!!extreme.....its his biz if he decides to or not to attend his brodas he s a star everyone s takin it personal while sum peeps commentin hia ve d worst goin on in der own families.......silent and listen.......

samuel.esene about 5 hours ago
I wanna free style; Am a young chap jst got ma magazine in ma lemouzine wey dey use kerozine.....

mafwamba about 5 hours ago
Long life bro

adeyemiolayemi about 5 hours ago
If u attend or don't attend your brother wedding it is ur business.but for u to post this pic on a day like this just proves that u are an attention u know

samuel.esene about 5 hours ago
Marriage things

iamyfront about 5 hours ago
@adeyemiolayemi shut up!!! D day he was doing his own Shebi u did not see d picture his brother posted too

nasa2hot about 5 hours ago dat

blessefe about 5 hours ago
Oh, dear Peter, what happened to your sweet heart?

nasa2hot about 5 hours ago
Abeg ooo,,y una dey drink panadol for person head...hmmmm na time una get shaa

ify_hotie01 about 5 hours ago
Please y'all should leave @peterpsquare alone.He's a MAN and he knows what he's doing.Going to the traditional wedding isn't a guarantee that peace would be made.What ever the problem is,it can be settled anywhere,anytime and at anyplace.And those of u calling his wife out, please leave her out of this.No family is perfect so allow them settle amicably when the time is right. I do wish all parties well.

bukang1 about 5 hours ago
Cool. Do your thing bro

blessefe about 5 hours ago
I fully understand why he didn't attend the wedding, but there was no need to post this picture today.

julietosamagbe12 about 4 hours ago
@o_tocyn @iam_ab1 u guys don't have right to call them names, don't jump into conclusion. After all they are from the same family.

mzvianneykeks about 4 hours ago
All these mean comments are not necessary.. If he really missed the trad then the deed is done and nothing can change it...He probably has his issues and reasons.yall should leave @peterpsquare and @lolaomotayo alone especially Lola bikonu ooooooo. #TeamOkoyes #TeamIgbos...

sedinamabena about 4 hours ago

iamkayceebanks about 4 hours ago
Payback is a bitch @peterpsquare .. No gain in it

blessefe about 4 hours ago
Can't you people make comment(s) without insulting anyone?

mirakally about 4 hours ago
U guys should lev peter alone... If he no go d TM make una go now.. Na family matter o

luchbaby about 4 hours ago
Wow @o_tocyn you had to curse out his wife, mention his dead mother and innocent children to make your point?? Very "mature" of you! This must have really hit home for you cos you're taking this way too personal. Nobody but the Okoye family knows the true story behind their dispute but it's very easy for the rest of us (fans) to fill on the blanks and interpret things the way we like. You talk about peace instead of enmity and then you comment reeks of hate. You really need to think before you speak, your words can kill. (I'm pretty sure you'll curse me out too but I've made my point and I'm out, peace!)

hoopdiva35 about 4 hours ago
Hmmmmmm since when has 2 wrongs mk a right? Well no wahala sha just makes me wonder if blood is really thicker than water...carry goemoji

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