Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Issues Rebuttal, Admits He And Other Christians Cannot Cure Ebola

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It is my opinion that Pastor Ituah Ighodalo should be arrested and quarantined on public health grounds for trying to escalate the transmission of Ebola.

The Founder of Trinity House, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, announced on his facebook page a couple of days ago that spirit filled Christians were not suseptible to Ebola, adding that all that is needed to cure the disease is for Christians to lay hands on Ebola victims.

As some will say, this is a lie from the pit of hell!

He probably thought he was speaking to the stupid and unthinking people that attend his church when he shared the very false and misleading story about a canadian preacher that had healed Ebola in the past.

However, more sensible people called him out, and he quickly began to back-track. Now that his foolishness has gone viral as published in a National Daily, he has issued a rebuttal.

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo is an educated man, I want to believe. He is now trying to wriggle out of what he shared to thousands of his followers, and maybe even preached in church. That even if they drink the Ebola virus or have contact with those already infected it will not hurt them. How disingenous can one be to disseminate this dangerous information?

Sure, faith can work wonders, but it is not your job as a pastor of God's people to tell them to disregard the physical laws of the world. Ebola is a deadly virus and will kill up to 90% of those infected. Almost 1000 people are dead now, and I can safely assume up to half of them were spirit-filled Christians.

And let us not be fooled, the story in his original comment is fake, Ebola has never killed thousands in the past before, and there is no documentation that a Bishop Lake stopped Ebola in the past.


  1. Nigerian pastors are so fake! Who still listens to them?

  2. The way I see it Pastor Ituah was preaching a message of hope and faith, and I think he was speaking mainly to 'believers', the problem however is that he got carried away and failed to convey the message with the right words. He forgot he was on social media and not on a pulpit preaching to the usual Nigerian congregation that swallows everything their pastors, nay, gods say hook, line and sinker, no questions asked.
    That said, do we cut off an arm because a finger is sore? Do do throw the baby away with the bath water? What he has said is what the Bible says. If you're atheist or non-Christian then I can understand your angst/annoyance. However, if you're a bible believing Christian then what he said should call to mind that your faith can move mountains.

  3. Chill out Myne. He shared a bible passage ( Mark 16:15-18) and added (Ebola virus included). If you need to attack anyone, attack the author of the book of Mark who wrote that Jesus said those words and you can go further to attack Jesus for daring to disseminate such dangerous information about poisons and serpents. I'm not a fan of Nigerian pastors but I don't see any reason why he couldn't share that bible verse to the community of faith. And nowhere did he imply that "spirit filled Christians were not susceptible to Ebola". If I share a bible passage about God's promises of wealth to his children does it mean that I'm saying if you are poor, you are not a child of God.
    Criticize constructively not rushing to tear apart everything a person says. To me, he had good intentions and he could have added ... but here's how to prevent being infected - wash your hands bla bla bla. Which is an angle you could have also looked at the story from. Abeg chill, your criticisms can be very vitriolic sometimes. Social commentary doesn't have to always take the shoot shoot route.

  4. Myne I think your post is very strong! He made a mistake, he retraced his steps and was man enough to come out to say so.. Please cut him some slack! Haa "He probably thought he was speaking to the stupid and unthinking people that attend his church" (Some of them read your blog oh)!

    1. I was gobsmacked at that too. I know people that attend his church and they are certainly not "stupid and unthinking people". Because he shared a bible passage? Toh


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