Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On Son Who Murdered His Father, Wale Gates Asks "When Does Discipline Cross Into Abuse?"

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Nigerian comedian, Wale Gates shared his personal experience of having an abusive father through a series of tweets today defending the 21-year-old Redeemers University undergraduate who killed his dad with a cutlass and sliced the corpse into a box. He began,

"It might come has a surprise but I have a little sympathy for the young guy that murdered his RCCG dad. It's easy for some of you to focus on just his actions but not what led to it. Years of probably constant beatings in the name of discipline...Since the father was this praying Saint of a man why didn't he pray the evil away? Why did he resort to beating & biting a 21yr old MAN?

Read the complete story below. And seriously, when does child discipline cross into child abuse? Is there an age when a parent should stop corporal punishment of their children? Let's discuss.


  1. I actually see the sense in what he is saying.. What the young boy did is terrible but reading Wale Gates' personal experience brings another side to it for me.

  2. I take the view that one has to distinguish extreme cases of abuse from regular domestic squabbles. More so, an abuse would not suffice as a strong argument. The only plausible defense might be insanity. A sane person being abused still has other options. 1.Run away. 2. Shout and scream out for help. 3. Stab him at the leg or somewhere else to give enough room to escape if it got up to that. You don't use a knive, and then a cutlass and tell us it was because you were abused! Oh no you don't!


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