Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not Even The Video Could Save Dorobucci By Don Jazzy And His Mavins Crew

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The official video for DOROBUCCI is possibly the most confused of all music videos I'd ever seen in my entire life! Must each singer have a separate storyline and screen time? There is only 4 mins to play withm, and there are like how many of them? 10? OK, there are just 7 of them. Still.

Also, making each singer have their own lines and drama kinda shouts to me that they can't work together or harmonize. If that is the case, why even make a song with all of them contributing?

Oh well, I didn't like the song from the beginning, and I'm afraid the video - as flashy as it is with light skinned women and wads of cash flying about - has not changed that.

Enjoy it below :)


  1. Never understood the fuss about the song. Saw the video yesterday and it didn't help at all. The video is too flashy for the song if you ask me. It sounds like a street song and seeing the video, I asked myself what's with all this flashiness? Mtscheew.
    Na them sabi, wetin concern me sef? I don waka go sef.



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