Friday, July 11, 2014

Model Posing Nude While Breastfeeding Her Baby Stirs Up The Breastfeeding Controversy Again

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Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Jaime King, Yaya DaCosta, Ashley Nicole, Karleesha Thurman, and now Natalia Vodianova. All mothers, all have chosen to breastfeed their babies, all have shared photos of themselves breastfeeding, and all have faced internet backlash over said photos.

While some have praised the women for sharing these pictures, so as to normalize breastfeeding, others have gone so far as to say they are appalled by the images.

The most recent picture to raise internet ire is Natalia Vodianova’s Instagram picture above of her nursing her baby while in the nude.

Although many people saw these photos as beautiful or just another way to support breastfeeding, some have seen them as being “too sexual” or even harming the societal push to normalize breastfeeding again (yes, “again,” as there was a time when it’s just what was done, no questions asked).

A writer for Canadian Living wrote about Natalia Vodianova’s recent photo;

“No mum looks like this when she breastfeeds. Her hair and make-up isn’t usually done. She isn’t posing seductively. And she certainly isn’t breastfeeding in the nude. I hate this image because it presents breastfeeding in an inaccurate fashion.” 

So the question is, how are photos of breastfeeding supposed to look like? Women breast feed in all manner of places and times, and yes, even sometimes when their hair and makeup is all done.

To normalize breastfeeding in the public eye, all images of breastfeeding should be welcome.

See ordinary women breastfeeding HERE.

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