Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marriage And The Unnecessary Pressure From Society, Family and So-called Friends

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It seems marriage and those who remain single are always in the headlines. Today, two ladies I love are discussing it, and it seems the pressure remains as hard as ever.

Thelma asks of single ladies, "What's your first reaction when you hear someone (you know) just got engaged?" And for married ladies, she wants to know, "do you sometimes feel sorry for your single friends?"

Toke in her vlog rants about the unnecessary pressure from the society we live in, and counsels single ladies to learn how to rise above the pressure to settle for anything because society won't let them be.

Watch Toke's video and let's discuss below...

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  1. I wish Toke could write the words out, I find it very difficult to listen to her for longer than 2 minutes.


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