Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Man Who Sends Fake Threats of Boko Haram Attacks Using Text Messages Arrested In Abuja

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Who has not received one of these messages? I know I have, and continue to receive them on my BBM too from contacts who feel they are being helpful.

The State Security Services (SSS) operatives in Abuja have arrested a man who specializes in sending out text messages threatening attack by Boko Haram terrorists thereby creating panic in the populace. 

The DefenceHQ reports that the suspect is still undergoing further interrogation preparatory to prosecution.

Meanwhile, the suspect, Ugwu Lawrence who was tracked by security operatives after dispatching text messages of impending bombings of some hotels in Abuja confessed that he employed the gimmick because the management of one of the organisation failed to offer him employment.

He also confessed that his motive was a ploy to instil fear in the mind of the management’s chairman, and pleaded that he is actually not a terrorist.

Please people, let us be more careful about sending these messages. Creating panic or punishing a business unnecessarily is playing into the hands of the real Boko Haram.

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