Friday, July 25, 2014

Is He Cheating? My Boyfriend Says He Chats Up Other Girls To Stop Them Becoming Lesbians

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Good evening Myne, please I need advice please...I have been dating a guy for over 2years, we love each other and have plans to get married.

Recently I came across text messages on his phone between him and a girl professing love for each other. I confronted him and he told me he was just indulging her and helping her move through a phase.

He promised me that he was being honest and also told me of another person he was helping, saying they we're both emotionally unstable and contemplating lesbianism due to numerous heartbreaks and he believes his reassuring them will stir them in the right direction.

He said they are both aware of his relationship with me and he's just concerned about them and has no desire to be with them. He is asking me to trust him and not think rationally...I don't know what to do or believe...I need your advice please.


  1. Erm... thats just bollocks! u have ur doubts hence why u are asking, if ur instincts are telling u that something is off,it most likely is, he is cheating, he is professing love to them and says he isn't having anything (yea right!), when u guys get married nko? wont their hearts break again? wont it be back to square one? what kind of excuse is that, tell him to stop that nonsense if he wants to marry u, clearly u love him and u are hurt by thins but remember life is too short to be unhappy, do what makes u happy jare, if freeing him will give u peace of mind do it, if sticking withing him and working it out will give u peace of mind then do so...just bear in mind that something is off dear

  2. I'm sorry to let you know, or maybe you already do know. Your BF is a serial cheat!

  3. Are you a learner?

    1. She is a serious old are you? I don't mean to be rude but it beats my imagination that a grown woman will believe this. Lets try an experiment, you too start messaging guys and give the same excuse, i will like to know le boo's reaction


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