Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Make Yummy Roasted Sweet Corn In Your Oven

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I posted this roasted corn I made myself on Facebook and the queries started flooding in on how I managed to get this results in an oven. A friends asked; "Hi Madam, I saw you post on the perfectly grilled corn..... yummy. How do I go about it please? Thank you."

So below is an easy and fast way to grill/roast corn in your kitchen oven. In America now, this is the season for sweet corn, and these were really delicious. Before now, we would only boil the corn when we got some. Now, I'll certainly be doing more roasting in future.

I used the grill setting on the oven.
Put the corn on a tray, rub some butter on it, and then put the tray in the oven.
I greased the tray with Pam, and put more butter on the corn as it grilled.
Check it every 10mins and turn, and then by 30 mins, it should be ready.

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