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How Paul Walker Bought A $9,000 Engagement Ring For A Military Couple Before His Death

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Paul Walker might have been most famous for his Fast and Furious movies, but what most people don't know is that he was actually a very generous man. When he bumped into a military couple shopping for an engagement ring in 2004, he bought the ring for them. After his death, the couple decided to testify of his generosity.

Kyle Upham and his fianceé were browsing a jewelry store in Santa Barbara in 2004 — just before Kyle was deployed to Iraq for a second tour of duty — when a fellow shopper began to help them with their engagement ring purchase.

“I noticed there was someone else in there, but didn’t give it much thought, and we started looking at rings and whatnot, and he kept saying, ‘Go bigger’ and I kept saying, ‘No, look at the prices,’” Kristen Upham, who is now married to Kyle, says.

Kyle began talking with the stranger and realized it was Paul Walker.

After Walker found out that Upham was about to be deployed, he took matters into his own hands. The couple left the store without the $9,000 ring, but a saleswoman called them and told them to come back. “One of the ladies came out holding a bag and just said, ‘Here’s your ring.’ I think both of our mouths dropped,” Kristen says.

The couple suspected that the gift was Walker’s doing, but the employees at the store wouldn’t reveal the gifter. When the jewelry store clerk told her story on CBS Monday, the Upham’s suspicions were confirmed. “It’s still to this day the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me,” Kristen says.

Walker, best known for his roles in the Fast & Furious films, died in a car crash last year.

Source - Time

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