Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two Women Dump Their Cheating Boyfriend With A Highway Banner

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People living in the UK driving down the M1 highway yesterday must have noticed a huge yellow and red banner handing over the expressway.

The poster read: “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both your girlfriends,” and was seen by thousands of people commuting into Newcastle and Gateshead.

The banner was targeted at a cheating man by the name of Steve Frazer whose two girlfriends somehow found out about each other, met and hatched a plan to get their revenge on him.

The two women were the ones that hung the large red and yellow banner on a bridge where they knew Steve usually drove past on his way to work. The banner also featured a photo of the two women smiling together and a photo of Frazer himself.

And if Steve did not see it while it was up, he will surely see now it's gone viral online. It has also been seen by thousands of commuters in the Newcastle and Gateshead areas, and maybe one or two know him and can pass on the news.


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