Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Follow Your Intuition - Miranda Kerr Shares Life Lessons, Summer Style and Beauty Tips

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Miranda Kerr revealed that her best piece of wisdom is following your own intuition in a behind the scenes video interview with Lucky magazine for her cover shoot.

Miranda made it through a very public divorce from Orlando Bloom, with whom she has a son, and she has also written two self-help books in addition to her career as a fashion model.

Speaking about what she'd tell her younger self now if she had the chance, Miranda said: 'Just enjoy every day; don't sweat the small stuff. Stay grounded, stay true to yourself and follow your own intuition.'

In sharing her top summer tips, Miranda cites her favourite summer song as Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, because it reminds her of 'a little trip I took with some friends and we had the music playing and the sun was shining and it was really good energy and vibes'.

She also revealed that her favourite summertime activity is swimming in the ocean, and after a long flight, she loves some grass.

'It feels so good. Just diving into the ocean and floating on my back. '

'I fight jet-lag by drinking lots of water and when I get off the plane, I try to get a little bit of sunshine on my face and put my feet in the grass because I find it re energises me and it's very grounding.'

Good nutrition is also an integral part of her life and she regularly preaches about the power of superfoods.
Miranda tries to keep sugar and wheat out of her daily diet but does indulge in them once in a while and sticks to a diet high in vegetables, meat, fruit and nuts with her favourite summer holiday snack being fresh papaya with squeezed lemon and lime.

Miranda says her go-to summer outfit is a vintage summer maxi dress and when looking for a bikini, she maintains that it's important to find a shape that works for your body type and have fun with prints and colour.

'I love a one-piece, it's super sexy but a two-piece is better for a tan,' she adds.

Miranda cites Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin as her fashion and beauty icons, adding: 'I feel that the best thing to wear on a first date is something that you feel comfortable and confident in so something that makes you feel good. I feel like that's attractive.'

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