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Drew Barrymore Pays Tribute To Half-sister Who Was Found Dead After Possible Overdose

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Jessica, Drew and John Blyth Barrymore

Drew Barrymore's paternal half-sister, Jessica Barrymore, was found dead in her car Tuesday morning from a possible overdose.

Hours after Jessica’s death went public, Drew Barrymore released a statement;
"Although I only met her briefly, I wish her and her loved ones as much peace as possible and I'm so incredibly sorry for their loss."

Jessica Barrymore and her famous half-sibling had the same father — legendary actor John Drew Barrymore, who died in 2004.

Jessica’s mom, actress Nina Wayne, was John Barrymore’s fourth wife. while Drew Barrymore is estranged from her own mother, Jaid, whose marriage with John lasted 13 years.

Jessica Barrymore, 47, was found lifeless in her vehicle parked along a street in National City, Calif., a suburb south of San Diego, authorities said.

"She appeared to be sleeping in her vehicle, partially blocking a driveway. We went out to check her welfare, and she was cold to the touch, obviously deceased," National City Police Lt. Robert Rounds told the Daily News.

Rounds said officers "froze the scene" and took custody of the Toyota Camry and "all its contents" pending a cause of death from the San Diego County Medical Examiner.

"She apparently lived out of the area in northern San Diego County, so she was out of place on that block," he said.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, a coroner official told The News.

Neighbor Marta Lopez told ABC San Diego she trued to leave for work about 6 a.m. Tuesday, but Barrymore's car was in the way.

"I called, 'Are you okay? You need some help?'"

Barrymore was reclined in her seat with a SoBe soft drink between her legs and didn't respond. Dozens of white pills were scattered around on the passenger seat beside her, Lopez told ABC 10.

Another neighbor reported seeing the same car parked in the same spot "around midnight."

"I thought she was sleeping or waiting for someone," Oscar Sandoval said of Barrymore.

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