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Dan Foster On Being Married to a Nigerian Woman and Missing His American Family

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American Dan Foster discusses his professional life as an OAP in a new interview, having moved to Nigeria in 2000 and working as a radio presenter and talent judge among others since then. 

He also talks about his personal life as well, the split with the wife he left behind in America that means he's living without the son they had together. Today, Dan is married to a Nigerian woman who has three children with him. Enjoy...

Where did you meet your wife, Lovina? 

In the theatre, at the Silverbird Galleria, about six years ago (2008), at about 11.00am. We were the only ones who came early on a Saturday morning to watch a movie. She was taking some kids to the theatre then she went to see her own movie and I was at the movies too. I was single at the time.

You were formerly married and you have a son called Joshua… 

Yes, back in the States, but I came first to Nigeria and then they came and they didn’t like it and she took my son back. That’s the only thing that hurts me; I wish my son could see what I’ve done, cause she took a little boy back home instead of letting the boy see what his father does and all the inspiration that I’ve been giving. It’s painful, but I was glad that she found another man because I had choices of her being here and I told her ‘honey I know we’re going to break up but I have to do this, it’s a job thing’.

Do you still communicate with your son?  

Oh definitely, he’s coming. How old is he now? He’s 14.

And back to how you got hitched with your current wife… 

I loved her stature and how she spoke when she was dealing with the kids. She was so beautiful, that when she entered the theatre she looked at me but didn’t recognise me. She didn’t know who I was and to me that was great. She was sitting at the back and I was in front. I remember I said ‘I can’t believe we are the only ones in this theatre, and then she said ‘Who are you?’ And then I said my name is Dan. We ended up sitting next to each other watching the movie together.

And you got married… 

And we got married a year later. You don’t know how many times I was close to getting married, I really wanted to, but it was time and I found the right one and [with] Lovina, it was special. For me, talking to her on the phone was like talking on the radio. And while we talked, I kept saying this could be the mother of my kids, she’s intelligent.

You have three kids now, how does it feel being a dad, living in Nigeria, married to a Nigerian woman. How do you relate with her family?

It’s beautiful, her father gives me so much respect, he’s such a cool guy, relating with them is great. I’m a family guy now, there are things you need to do to make sure they are ok, it’s about leaving a legacy behind, and now I have three legacies. I didn’t see the school fees coming though (Laughs). Now I’m so attached to them, I feel bad when I’m not with them. I’ve taught them how to swim, [because] back in the Marine Corps, I gave swimming classes so they are really good swimmers.

Would you ever relocate back to the US?

Relocate, yes, but my business would be here. The US is a great place, of course, especially for the schools.

When last did you travel? 

About three years ago. I want to set up these radio programs because I am making a transition, I am going to travel back again, my kids went back there two years ago to see my family and my family have been here, too, visiting us. ...

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  1. Oh wow. He chose his job over his (first) wife. That's quite sad, he must not have loved her much.


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