Friday, July 18, 2014

Casting Agency Wants Only Dark-skinned Out of Shape Black Women For Poor Roles?

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And we say we are beyond race in America. If this post-racial, then I can only shake my head.

The casting agency for the biopic about the musical rap group NWA has attempted to solely cast “not in good shape” and “dark skin tone” African-American girls to play poor people in the movie.

The agency released an ad seeking L.A.-based women to apply for one of several categories of extras that will be featured in the film. The breakdown is as follows:

A) “Hottest of the hottest. Models” (open to women of any race)

B) “Fine … Beyonce is a protoype here” (light-skinned women)

C) African American girls … Medium to light skinned with a weave

D) “These are African American girls. Poor, not in good shape. Medium to dark skin tone.”

The “D” group, is the only group associated with an economic class - “poor” - and it is supposed to be filled up with only dark-skinned, out of shape black women.

And if they are calling for weaves in group C, I won't be surprised if Group D also has to be kinky naturals!

These kind of stories make me understand where some dark-skinned African American women who are angry at the society are coming from. And if some of them will only marry white men or light skinned black men to save their babies the same stress, can one blame them?

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