Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beyonce Changes Song Lyrics And Sparks Further Cheating Rumors During On The Run Tour

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Beyonce seems to be playing off the rumors that Jay Z cheated on her during their Bonnie and Clyde "On the Run" tour. She has picked one of her songs that reference a man cheating on a woman he has been with for a long time.

The song is "Resentment," a track off of her 2006 B'Day album, and she replaced 6 years as was in the original lyrics with 12 as she sang the song to fans who immediately started to put 2 and 2 together.

Beyonce and Jay Z have been together for 12 years, though married since 2008. The new lyrics go;

I know she was attractive but I was here first/
Been ridin' with you for 12 years why did I deserve/
To be treated this way by you, you/
I know your probably thinking what's up with Bee/
I been crying for too long what did you do to me.

Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay Z were photographed yesterday shopping with daughter Blue Ivy and looking every inch the happily married couple. If they had their issues, it has probably been resolved.

Though I personally will not tolerate serial cheating in my man, Beyonce has to make her own choices, and now they have their daughter to consider too.

The rumors have been around for a while but more recently, it flared up after Solange, Beyonce's sister attacked Jay Z in an elevator [watch video, read joint statement] while she looked on and did nothing. Also a well known former model and rapper was featured in a magazine as one of several women that Jay Z may have stepped out with. [Read]

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  1. I would like to know what it feels like to be Beyonce for one day.
    @ the change of lyrics; there's nothing this lady does that isn't thoroughly thought through, or done without an aim or a goal, also Bey is one of the most private celebrities and when she gives out seemingly private info like this it's done with a goal in sight; more publicity, more ticket sales, keep their names in the media, keep people talking, remain relevant... We all know that no matter how talented you are the minute you're no longer relevant to the media is the beginning of the end of your stardom.


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