Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alero Falope Confirms She Left Dino Melaye But Says He Did Not Physically Abuse Her

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Alero Falope granted an interview yesterday to clear the air on recent events concerning her marriage to Dino Melaye and her conversation with his ex-wife. While she confirmed that she has left her matrimonial home, Alero totally denied that it was due to physical abuse.

Explaining the leaked chats between her and Tokunbo Fabiyi, Dino Melaye's ex-wife, to SDK, Alero said:

Yes, Stella I exchanged SMS with Tokunbo but I only did that because I thought it would remain between us and besides I needed to connect with someone who might understand where I was coming from.

Let me state here now that Dino might be a lot of things but he never beat me and that's
the truth. There were just some things I couldn’t handle and that was what I referred to as living in Tokunbo’s hell for six months.

I am not saying this because anyone asked me to, I am only trying to correct a wrong impression that has been blown out of proportion. Dino has never laid a finger on me. Keeping quiet on this means consent to the falsehood being spread and I am speaking up now to correct the wrong impression my chat with Tokunbo might have caused.

I left for reasons best known to Dino and I which had nothing to do with any form of Violence towards me. I just needed some space and quiet to think but regardless of my actions and his imperfections,i still hold him in high regard and still love him very much.Dino is a good man but like everyone else he is not perfect and he is still my husband.

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