Monday, July 21, 2014

Advice From Pastor Tony Rapu to Married Women

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The last time, popular Lagos pastor Dr. Tony Rapu in one of his Twitter series wrote some words of advice to married men on how to improve their marriage [read here].

This time, it is women's turn to hear from Dr. Tony Rapu. Check out his tweets below...


  1. (Stop looking at your husband to be the one to make you happy. That's actually your job, not his. #MarriedWomen)
    I totally disagree with this tweet. i feel both husband and wife should work towards making each other happy. it shouldn't be only the responsibility of the wife.

    1. You have to read the one to men also

    2. I read it as - It is your job to make yourself happy, not your husband's job to make you happy. Exactly as the pastor wrote


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