Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adaeze Yobo Defends Husband Joseph Yobo Against Criticism For Own Goal

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Joseph Yobo has been criticised on various social media platforms for scoring an own goal [see here] during Nigeria’s match against France yesterday and his wife has come to his defense.

But really, it was not his fault, Enyeama had not thrown out the ball completely when it came from the corner kick by France. Joseph Yobo barely touched the ball before it moved further into the net. Seriously, any one can score an own goal, and it wasn't as if we were winning the match before then.

Anyway Adaeze Yobo did not take kindly to those yabbing her husband, especially on her own Instagram page. She slammed them while defending her husband Joseph Yobo and the Super Eagles.

She wrote;

All you hateful people that didn’t even realise it was own goal at first Heck, most of y’ll didn’t even watch that last minute part of the match that’s if Nepa gave yu light to watch the game at all but as soon as they confirmed it was own goal by yobo’ Y’all be like let’s go ham on his wife (that b**ch) steady posting Louboutin pics on ig.#theirisgodo #toobadwelost but #goodgamefromyoboandtheteam #teamnigeria moving on, congrats to Joseph yobo for being the first Nigerian player to get to 100 caps. #recordholder #idontbreak #idontevenbend #ijustlaughatyourbitterness

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  1. I still don't understand why people would blame Yobo for that goal, despite his superb performance - against the odds - in the tournament. Funny thing, we didn't know it was an own goal until the replay. So what's the fuss all about? I guess folks just want to vent because we crashed out of the World Cup and someone had to be the "scapegoat."


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