Saturday, July 19, 2014

8 Ways T.B. Joshua Is Completely Wrong On His Prediction Of Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crash!

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TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV, the Youtube Channel of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), yesterday released a video where he supposedly predicts the Malaysian Airlines crash. Flight MH17 crashed in Eastern Ukraine with the almost 300 passengers and crew dead.

The video is dated February 16, 2014 and the narrator claims that TB's prophesy about Russia in the clip is actually referring to the tragic crash. TB Joshua says;

“I was telling you about Russia that you should pray for the young man, a very charismatic leader, that he should take note of his airspace. Because when I was saying I want to see where this attack is coming from…airspace.It could be in form of aircraft crash or whatever.

It could be from a place to that place or that place to that place but it will be connected to…just to rubbish the wonderful country. But now they should take care of their airspace. We too we are on our knees praying for the nation, that is, Russia. I was made to see the airspace; they should take care of the airspace. I am seeing an attack but we will continue to pray"

Let me state how wrong this prediction is, and why we should not pay attention to such quacks as TB Joshua.

1. He called it an attack, it certainly was no attack but a plane crash. Unless he meant the plane being shot down.

2. He said it would be against Russia. Certainly not. In fact, a Russian weapon either operated by Russian military or Ukraine is currently indicted for use in shooting down the plane.

3. He said it will happen in Russian airspace. No it did not. While the crash site is close to the Russian border, it is definitely within the Ukranian airspace.

4. Even if he was right about the crash, does it mean all the prayers since February had no effect? He is still a quack.

5. Why did they just release the video yesterday? Plastering a date on the clip does not verify anything

6. When will TB Joshua predict something good and in advance?

7. When will TB Joshua be more specific in his predictions?

8. When will TB Joshua repent and become Born Again?

All I can see in this so-called prophesy is a deluded half-illiterate who unfortunately has access to millions of similarly deluded and gulible people.

The Ukraine-Russia disagreement over Crimea got high profile with the involvement of America around Februaury 2014 and all this clip shows is that TB Joshua sometimes listens to international news.

The sense he makes of the news is debatable.

He speaks of Vladimir Putin as a 'young man, a very charismatic leader', and Russia as 'a wonderful country'. No guesses where his allegiances lie.

It is possible that after listening to the BBC that Sunday morning when America had been threatening Russia with so many sanctions, he came up to the podium and started yarning dust. But no, America did not attack Russia like his imaginations told him, and no one is rubbishing Russia but themselves.

TB Joshua has made many other predictions which I did not bother myself to read or take note of. But this time, I'm just annoyed!

We're talking the loss of lives of almost 300 people and someone is playing politics and religion.

Please, if you cannot show some empathy and commiserate with grieving families, just keep quiet.


  1. My thoughts exactly...Thank you

  2. Myne, did you actually write this article? Sounds kinda harsh, not like the usual you or maybe the 9ja blogger spirit has taken over
    As for TB Joshua, I really can't say about this man maybe cos I haven't really followed or listened to him.


    1. Yes, I wrote the article. It's probably not even as harsh as it could have been. Believe me, the man is very annoying.


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