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7 Daily Habits You Should Practice For a Healthy and Loving Marriage

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Our habits make a difference in marriage and there are several habits of a healthy marriage that you should start today to improve your marriage.

Do you know that the discipline of practicing healthy marriage habits can greatly improve the happiness of your marriage? It is a simple fact but very true.

The little things that we do as a habit in our marriages matter. Take this helpful advice about adding these habits of a healthy marriage to your relationship and watch it improve.


Kissing each other hello and goodbye is a one of the best habits of a healthy marriage you could follow. Taking time for this small little habit is a way to say that you don’t enjoy being apart and you are happy when you can be together again. This is one of the little habits of marriage that most of us are really good at in the beginning of our marriage. Then it gets dropped along the way. But it doesn’t have to! Be intentional about keeping up those kisses!


Saying I love you to one another is so important. Sadly, it is something else we tend to get lax in as the years go by. We tend to think that our spouse knows that we love them so we really don’t need to say it so frequently. That is skewed thinking; keep saying it. We all love to hear those sweet words, don’t we? I really don’t think they can be said too much.


When you first met the person that you later married, you probably talked all of the time, didn’t you? Don’t let that habit die. Many times in marriage, we get so settled that we don’t try to talk to one another. We reason that we already know what the other person would say and besides, what is there to talk about? Start by sharing about your day with one another; that is a great opening to a broader conversation.


Sometimes, husbands and wives have to go to bed at different times or get up at different times due to family demands or work schedules. Always tell each other good morning or goodnight, even if it is only in a quick phone call or text message. This is a habit that bonds you together more deeply. Taking time to do that tells your spouse that they are on your heart. If you are fortunate enough to go to bed and wake up together, count your blessings and say goodnight and good morning with a kiss.


Holding hands is something that you need to continue to do, even as the years go by. Holding hands is a sweet little habit that lets the other person know you love them and that you want to be near them. And did you know that holding hands has been found to be very calming, especially for wives? It also temporarily lowers blood pressure. It is one of those sweet little things that only the two of you can share.


One bad habit many of us seem to fall into when we live with someone day in and day out is that we forget to extend small courtesies to them. Be intentional about continuing to say thank you and express your gratitude for things to your spouse. We shouldn’t treat those with whom we live with any less courtesy than we do a stranger. It is only a matter of disciplining yourself to be well mannered with your spouse. You will find these little things make a big difference.


Be considerate of your spouse. If you are going to be late on your way home, give them a call so they won’t worry about you. If you are going back to the kitchen at bedtime, ask if your spouse would like anything. One great advantage about being considerate is that it often comes back to you. In other words, if you treat your spouse with consideration, they most likely will you too. Then you will both be happier.

Those little daily habits we practice can make a huge difference in our marriages. What little daily habits do you and your husband practice? I am always open to learning from you!

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