Monday, July 14, 2014

6-Year-Old Boy Who Died Saving His Sister From Rapist Gets Justice as Killer Faces Life in Prison

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A man who killed a 6-year-old boy who was trying to stop him from raping his 12-year-old sister has been found guilty and faces life in prison. 

Rivera, who may have been high on a drug called "wet," broke into a Camden, New Jersey home in 2012 and attacked 12-year-old Amber Andujar as she slept on the family couch.

Amber, her two sisters, one of them 14, and 6-year-old Dominick were home alone in their house as their mother recovered from surgery in the hospital.

Rivera, who was a neighbor and had played with the kids in the past, broke into the home and attacked Amber. Hearing her screams, little Dominick ran out and tried to defend his sister.

Dominick began fighting off the much larger Rivera, who was armed with a knife. Rivera stabbed the boy and slashed his throat. He also stabbed and slashed Amber. But because of Dominick's incredibly brave actions, Amber was able to escape the house and run to a neighbor for help. Tragically, however, Dominick died of his wounds.

Amber, who is now 13 and has a permanent scar across her neck, testified against her rapist. Police say it was her testimony that helped put Rivera away.

Rivera, who is also facing charges of molesting a 2-year-old in the neighborhood, has not been sentenced yet and the prosecutor says she is "absolutely" going to seek life in prison.

"It was a hideous, terrible and unimaginable crime that's even hard to understand. I think the defendant took one child's life and another child's innocence and we will absolutely be asking for life at sentencing."

This type of criminals make one think the death penalty is a good option to keep around.

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  1. Useless rapist and murderer now shedding crocodile tears. I hope this serves as a good example for rapist like you.


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