Sunday, July 27, 2014

35-Year-Old Hides Phones, Batteries, Hacksaws and Pliers In His Butt To Smuggle Into Prison

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André Silva de Jesus, who was visiting his local prison in Ribeirao das Neves, Brazil, claimed he had a cardiac pacemaker, and informed the prison guards he couldn’t go through the metal detector.

However, he appeared “nervous,” to them and so the guards pulled him aside for further inspection.

All of the items in the above picture were removed from André Silva’s rectum. They include;

Two cell phones
Two batteries
One pair of pliers
Two drill bits
Eight small hacksaws
Five nails
Three SIM cards

The Military Police were called to record the occurrence. It was not clear which inmate was to receive the material.

In a statement the Secretariat for Prison Administration confirmed the incident and said that the general direction of the prison "opened an internal procedure to determine what happened."

I'm seriously wondering how he got all that stuff in there? Swallow them or shove them in? *Shudders*

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