Thursday, July 10, 2014

#JusticeForJada - Support Grows After 16-Year-Old Speaks Out on Rape Photo Meme #JadaPose

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A 16-year-old Texas girl's photo of when she was drugged and raped became a social media meme #jadapose, and now friends and supporters are asking for #JusticeForJada

Jada appeared on KHOU 11 News and though minor sexual assault victims are not typically named, she gave them permission to identify her first name and broadcast her face so as to share her story and help raise awareness to stop rape. She said,
"There's no point in hiding. Because of the picture everybody has already seen my face and body. But that's not what I am or who I am."
This is certainly not who she is, she is a brave and strong young lady and we #standwithjada to stop rape and rape culture that thinks that rape is funny.

Watch Jada's interview below...

Houston police are "actively" investigating the rape of Jada whose rape picture was posted and then mockingly imitated in memes across the interwebs with the hashtag #JadaPose.

Jada says she attended a party last month at the home of a friend-of-a-friend, and the teen boy hosting the party gave her a glass of punch, which she drank before passing out. She believes she was drugged.

It was not until she started receiving texts asking her if she was OK and seeing tweets, photos and Vine videos of her rape posted online, that Jada started wondering what had happened.

Jada tells KHOU that she had no idea what happened to her while she was passed out.

"I had no control to say ‘no. I didn’t tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.”
The image taken of the teen depicts Jada lying on the floor with one leg bent. Others took photographs of themselves in a similar pose and posted them to Twitter with the hashtag #jadapose.

According to a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, Jada and her family reported the alleged June 1 incident on June 22. The case is being investigated by the juvenile sex crimes unit.



  1. News like this make me so angry.....

  2. Oh my God! The poor girl! I hope justice is served.#JusticeForJada

  3. These kids are despicable. you know i dont get the idea of video recording your crime. These kids responsible for this might as well have gone to the police and reported themselves. As long as the police dont half-arse this investigation they will surely find the culprits. like someone said its not just the rape that is the crime. everyone who shared that pornographic imagine of a minor should be arrested. At the least by the time they spend a couple of hours in jail, they will think twice before sharing naked pictures of people.

  4. This sucks but you shouldn't be going to a friend of a friends' place without your parents knowing or anything like that. You also shouldn't take random drinks from people you don't know. This shouldn't have happened but doesn't seem like she was the least bit careful.


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