Saturday, June 7, 2014

Would You Prefer a Boy or Girl As Your First Child?

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In Nigeria and most of Africa, having a male child as "First Born" has always been a big deal. For these people, having a male child is a cultural necessity. Husbands are hailed as "real men" when their wives have boys first. When the first is not a boy, some women will deliberately keep getting pregnant every year - though this is dangerous to their health and that of their babies - till they get the desired male child.

Battabox took to the streets to discuss this with typical Nigerians. Odunayo asked which child they would rather have first. Someone mentioned Mariam Babangida being a woman and Delta State cannot forget her in a hurry even though she's a woman.

"As an Igbo girl, in our culture they love boys .If you don't have a male child, the people of your husband won't regard you as anything," says one lady.

Watch the video below, and let's discuss your own preferences, will having a male child for instance, change the number of children you intend to have?


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  2. After my experience with my father's death, I prefer a boy. My father's people chose to ignore me and 'talk' with my brother whom am older than by 8 years! Anyways I stood my ground and handled the burial but I wouldn't want my daughter to go through such.

  3. A boy, just because I want three kids and I'd rather the girl were in between the boys. It kinda says she's got some invisible wall around her. Lol


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