Sunday, June 15, 2014

Will You Say Yes to a Man Who Proposes With a Tiny and Cheap Engagement Ring?

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 Someone shared this picture on Facebook and asked how women felt about small engagement rings. I guess size is related to cost and people wonder, if your ring is cheap, is the love appreciated at all? Personally I don't see anything  wrong with this song, or even a smaller ring. So the question is; Does The Size of The Engagement Ring Show How Much A Man Loves His Woman?

Ladies you have been dating a guy for 6 years and he finally pops the question and asked you to marry him and this is your engagement ring what is your reaction and answer? Talk to me ladies, let me hear it.


  1. I'll say YES cos its the thought that matters and I'll make sure that i get to pick my wedding ring.

  2. It depends on what he can afford. If he can do better then he just has to do better!

  3. to be frank I will say yes in public and ask him why he gave me such in private.. I mean he should have just asked me and not show up with that. and any guy I'm dating will know what I like.. if you don't have the money, just ask me to marry you ..I will not wear that ring posted above :/

  4. I hardly wear rings because of the thick anture of my fingers, i hardly and rarely ever see my size. Seen my size of ring once. I often wonder how i will even wear a wedding band. I think it depends on what he can afford at that point in time. I think rings are even over rated. The success or failure of an engagement doesn't depend on it.

  5. Loll...I think men should try and get their women the best engagement ring they can afford, not the least they can afford. As much as I see the engagement ring as a kind of 'gift', I also see is as one with a symbolic spiritual and emotional significance. A man should also try and know the taste of his lady and get her a kind of ring that suites her taste and personality (without having to steal or incur enormous debt ooo).
    However, I must say that the process of getting one's babe a befitting ring can give someone hypertension! I tell ya. One'll use style to find out her ring size, then choose between white or yellow gold, then think of diamond setting etc...all these against one's budget. You'll read engagement blogs so tey you go confuse wetin to even buy. Then, you finally pick one (probably with the help of a few female friends) and buy from an online store... then you wait patiently for two weeks and when it's delivered, you realize that the ring is not as beautiful as it looks the stones on the ring are tinier than they look online and then you faint!


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