Monday, June 9, 2014

When Should A Couple Talk About Their Relationship Issues?

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When you ask some people in relationships, they will tell you that their partner is not affectionate and doesn’t listen to them. But the problem is that neither party wants to ask the other person to sit down and talk about their problems. Talking about relationship issues with their significant other never seems very important to most people, but they will be the first to talk to someone else about it.

Bringing third parties into your relationship or marriage is never the best option. It pushes the other person away and sometimes brings bad advice into your relationship. You need to cultivate the habit of talking about the issues you have about one another to each other. Some are put off talking because the few times they tried it at first, it lead to a quarell.

Don't be discouraged, you just need to find the right time and place, and cultivate the correct body language to enable to have a better experience of talking about your serious relationship issues with each other.

These guidelines below will help you determine on the times when you can talk with your partner about your relationship issues and get better results.

1. Don’t try to fit in your relationship talk between chores. You can’t be checking your email or phone while talking to each other.

2.  To avoid disturbance when you are talking to each other, decide on a time mutually.

3. Set some rules. If you feel that either you or your partner can’t discuss problems because of anger, find some ways to get through those. Decide before hand that you won’t shout at each other; ban words that you feel will hurt you or your partner.

4. Be attentive when talking. Don’t roll your eyes or slouch when your partner is talking. Your body language should indicate that you are interested in resolving the issues as much as your partner.

5. Like your issues seem important to you, your partner, too, needs to get what he/she wants out of the relationship. Don’t trivialise his/her issues.


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