Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wendy Williams Criticises Kim and Kanye's Parenting Style, Says Kim is Not a Good Mother

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West marked their daughter North West's first birthday by getting her ears pierced [Read here]. On the latest show of Wendy Williams Hot topics, the talk show host has joined those criticising the Kim and Kanye's parenting style.

Wendy Williams, whom I sometimes wonder if she's being deliberately mean to court controversy, said Kim needs to take time off and be a mother for allowing North West to fly alone from New York to California.

After attacking Kanye and Kim as usual, Wendy Williams asks generally, "would you ever let your 1-year-old child fly alone?" But Nori was not alone, she had her nanny, nurse and a bodyguard.

Start at the 3 minute mark;

In a previous episode, Wendy Williams had gone as far as calling Kanye a mad man who has stolen Kim's joy by being so antisocial and taking her to Ireland for their honeymoon.

"Poor Kim I wonder if she regrets marrying that mad man.(Oh please). None of them looks happy.Baby North looks pissed. Honesty, have you seen a picture of them smiling as a family?Kim's smile has been gone since the day she got with that man. None of them look happy.

And he is a mad man who seems to have the ability to suck the joy out of everyone with his alleged controlling ways. If I had a daughter I would wait until she's 5 to get her ears pierced.

By the way Kris is reportedly furious at Kanye for refusing to sell the wedding pictures and they could have made upwards of 11 million dollars but instead, they don't wanna sell them.I'm sure that's probably killing Kim.

He stole her joy, he stole Kim's joy. I heard she is saying what has she gotten herself into.......and I'm sure Ireland is a really pretty place..But is that a honey moon destination?I was told all she wanted to do was shop but he wanted to visit the museums and she was like oh my God! Oh my God! Learn something "

Start at the 9 minute mark

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