Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Viral Video Shows What Happens When You Boil Coke

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Coca Cola - mineral in Nigeria, or soda in the US, is sweet, addictive, has loads of sugar and you've probably heard it can be put to many uses, including washing the toilet. I think. But what happens when you boil coke? Well someone has done the job, and the outcome is not nice at all. Infact, it is downright disgusting, makes me think I'll never drink coke again.

The YouTube video by Crazy Russian Hacker gives a glimpse into what you ingest by consuming a liter of cola, and has gone viral since posted it under the title, What Happens When You Boil Coke?

Here’s what he did: he takes a pot, places it on the stove, and places some cola in the pot. He turns on the heat and little by little the water from the soda evaporates as the soda boils. What is left is a black, sticky, slimy mess. It looks like tar sitting in the bottom of the pot.

The American Heart Association states that there are 180,000 deaths per year that could be linked to drinking soda and the sugars in them. Corresponding figures from Nigeria is not readily available but there are indications that this may also be on the high-side going by the sheer number of people who take soft drinks daily.

H/T Kemi Filani

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