Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vincent Enyeama of Super Eagles Marks Wedding Anniversary With Wife

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Vincent Enyeama, goalkeeper of the Super Eagles national football team, is happily married man with three beautiful children! He is just 31 so he must have started early. I remember back in Nigeria when I would cheer him on for my favorite local club, Enyimba. He has certainly come a long way.

Yesterday, Vincent Enyeama shared the picture above to mark his wedding anniversary. He did not specify on the date but thanks God for the entire month. He captioned the picture thus;

"My #MAGIC BAND. my#shining star. my#v29PR16. some years ago this month, we got it settled. thank GOD for this month.

See more photos of Vincent and his wife and children below..


  1. He's a keeper! This man. :)

  2. I know you love to post trending topics for traffic and all that, trust me if you fine tuned them to only those that directly relate to the theme of your blog like this one, you would be earning a better reputation.
    I don't know if you have noticed but nobody wants to click on a blog that says romance and you are reading about football and what nots. It looks like the blogger is just plain clueless
    If you look at it critically, you actually lose your readers by trying to blog about everything

    1. lol and I thought I was the only one I come here very rarely these days...for me unless I haven't seen a post elsewhere like TMZ, madamenoire, bossip, LIB, BN, SDK, daily mail etc where she copies from like this one I don't even bother with this page. At least her blogis on some of my fav bloggers blogroll so I check the title if I have read it elsewhere which is usually 95% of the case I don't bother to click on her link. Myne lost relevance and credibility for me a long time ago I hope the traffic is worth it and advertisers will soon flock to you Myne hahaha

    2. Fine Gyal and Anon, I appreciate that you click through, even if it is once in a while, I always welcome feedback.

      @Anon, Trust me, I'm not losing readers but gaining more. This blog is about romance and whatever interests me in life. It is also a business and not about reputation. That said, I'll appreciate if you respect me as I respect you. If you have no comment on the post in question, click away, there's no need to leave unnecessary "clueless" comments. If you love me so much, send me an email. Thanks.

      @Finegyal, Come only when you want to OK? I'm not forcing anyone to read RML. And hey, you read all those blogs everyday? Wow! I hope you have a blog you can make some money from as myself and those guys are doing. And yes the traffic is worth it, thanks for keeping an eye on it for me.

    3. Lol Myne. I love ma'am. don't mind these by force critics. They r obviously jealous. xoxo

  3. Rude much Ms.Myne so unbecoming smh


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