Friday, June 27, 2014

Update - Karis and MJ Got Married, Raised Enough Funds and After Surgery, MJ's Now Recovering!

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We have good news! Who remembers the story of Karis Gouldbourne and her fiance MJ who needed heart surgery to survive beyond 30 years? Well, if you don't, read it here.

Karis left a comment on that post that MJ has had the surgery and is now on the mend. She wrote;

I'm happy to report that we eventually received enough donations and that MJ had his op about three weeks ago. He's now at home recovering, and should be back to normal within six months.

Also, the couple got married! Karis shared the news on their FB page saying, "after an almost seven-year-long relationship and a two-year-long engagement, MJ officially put a ring on it. Call me "Mrs Karis Jagne". In fact, call me "KJ" 

See the last two FB updates from Karis with pictures and video.

Amazing news! [May 22]

Thanks to an incredible man whom we will call 'The Anonymous Helper', along with every single one of YOUR shares and donations, we have managed to secure the entire amount of money we need to be able to afford MJ's triple valve surgery! The #fundmyheart campaign is complete!

I will ask you all to give yourselves a pat on the back for all your hard work and support, and we can now concentrate on getting the operation underway. Thank you all so much!

However, MJ isn't the only person suffering, and so when everything is sorted we are going to try and turn Fund My Heart into a proper, registered charity. Don't unlike the page - we'll be up and running again ASAP.

Time for an update! [June 20]

MJ had his operation on the 1st of this month - almost three weeks ago already. I'm absolutely delighted to say that it went very well, and he's been back at home since last Wednesday.

Unfortunately, because of how long his heart was left untreated, his aortic valve stopped developing a few years ago; this meant that the surgeon had to completely reconstruct it (I did not know this was possible, and am still amazed at what his human hands can do!), and therefore the surgery, in total, took around fourteen hours when it was supposed to take just six.

Apart from that hiccup, all went very smoothly and in three to six months, MJ will be fully recovered. All that has changed physically is his impressive scar, sternum to stomach, and the fact that his heart ticks. Literally ticks. Like a clock. It's extremely cool. Oh, and I forgot one thing - it's WORKING!

Finally, I would just like to thank you all again for your support, your generous donations and shares, and again to our Anonymous Helper for speeding the entire process up. #fundmyheart went from 0-1000 in what felt like minutes, and now it's almost over. Thank you all!

The full-length #fundmyheart video

Produced and directed by Charlotte Sinclair-Brown as part of her final university project, featuring Karis and MJ with their doggies, Sam and Meg.


RML is so happy for the couple and wishes them all the best in the marriage, and we pray that MJ continues to heal and get stronger.

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