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Top 9 Foods and Supplements To Improve Your Sex Life

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Technique and sexual aids always seem to be the focus when it comes to improving sexual performance, but the real improvement starts within the body that allows any sexually active person to put on a show. There are countless reads out there on sexual techniques and how to make a woman orgasm, but let’s step aside from the sexual positions and take a look at boosting your libido by eating the right foods.

The Earth that we inhabit contains everything the body needs to function on high levels daily, and when it comes to aiding in the sexuality department Mother Nature has provided some pretty amazing foods that help keep our bodies stocked with the minerals it needs to become ultimate sexual machines.

Take a look at these 9 foods and supplements that every man (and woman) should incorporate into his/her diet to boost libido and to keep the sexual body healthy.

1. Strawberries

Not only are these red, seed-filled beauties considered to be aphrodisiacs (they are ovaries after all) they are also a major contributor to keeping the flow of blood pumping to the genitals.  Strawberries help with blood circulation and contain vitamin C, a necessary vitamin in the production of sperm.  Couples looking to become pregnant should incorporate strawberries into a sexy dessert after a romantic dinner.

2. Almonds

The sweet smell of almonds sends the sensual senses of a woman into overdrive and creates a heightened desire to get it on all while providing zinc (known as the ultimate sex mineral) which aids in short and long term sexual well-being and libido.  These tasty nuts also make for a great catalyst for testosterone production.

3. Fish Oil

As a natural source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fish helps to combat depression by increasing the brain’s sensitivity to serotonin, one of the feel good amino acids generated during sexual arousal.  Depression is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, so taking one supplement a day will keep those dark clouds away and erections strong.

4. Sweet Potato

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure, but no need to worry when sweet potatoes are available!  Sweet potato helps to combat high blood pressure and is also has great benefits for the female reproductive system, so swap out those all white Idaho potatoes for the sweet!

5. Vitamin E

Deemed as the “sex vitamin”, Vitamin E helps with production of testosterone and can be taken as a supplement daily.  Spinach, broccoli, olive oil and avocado are foods that contain vitamin E, and by adding just one of these foods to a daily diet one can improve his/her sexual body with each bite.  Not to mention the skin will look amazing!

6. Sesame Seeds

Another food filled with zinc…need I say more!

7. Skin Foods

Glowing skin has been said to be one of the main attractors of the opposite sex, so to get that golden glow that will draw potentials like a moth to a flame, incorporate foods that contain beta carotene such as carrots and apricots and foods that contain lycopene such as grapefruit and tomatoes.  Squash and sweet potatoes (there they are again) are also great for the appearance of skin.  Don’t forget the foods high in Vitamin E (an essential vitamin for healthy skin).

8. Watermelon

This refreshingly juicy fruit is jam packed with phytonutrients that help to relax the blood vessels for better blood circulation.  The high water content in watermelon will also help with hydrating the body, which is another important factor during sexual performance.

9. Multivitamins

When in doubt, grab a multivitamin! These supplements provide the body with the daily amounts of nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly. One dose and you’re on your way towards greater sexual health.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this natural sex booster, i think its is great to have this food and improve sex drive than taking any other supplement.


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