Friday, June 13, 2014

Tonto Dike The Actress or Poko Lee The Empress Of DB Records?

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Tonto Dike is a well known actress and has now began to make her mark in the Nigerian music industry. The actress been part of the production of many Nollywood films though her appearance in movies seems to have dwindled in the past year as her music career took off. Only a few days ago, Tonto celebrated her birthday, and was then announced by DBanj, head of DB Records, as the Duchess of that label.

Tonto Dike is very active on social media where she often refers to herself as POKO and it seems that is the name she prefers for her music. The actress cum singer who has released three singles and performed them live on stage on a couple of occassions is to be known now as POKO LEE as one of the LEE Family. All members of D’banj’s record label, DB Records are to take the Lee last name for their stage names.

At this point, I can't help asking, which do you prefer? Tonto the actress, or Poko Lee the singer?

She definitely is looking amazing in these latest pictures from her birthday photoshoot.

So while there is some confusion for me on whether Tonto Dike will continue her acting or focus solely on her music, I can only congratulate her on making a go of both her acting and performing talents.

PS - What's with the Chinese name and characters for the LEE family? Is Dbanj aiming to break their music into China?

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