Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tiwa On The Front Page of SA Paper After MAMAs Win, Replies Wanted Critics

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The Times of South Africa put Tiwa Savage on their front page in an article titled "Too hot to be stopped by savage backlash" which is obviously a play on her name. They acknowledged her win at the MAMAs and her nod to her supportive husband while she defends her choice to make the Rated 18 miusic video for her song, Wanted.

The article talked about how Tiwa "has copped lots of flak of late", and how she "had been called all sorts of names, even getting a patronising letter from a Nigerian housewife. Below is what Tiwa, who is not surprised that the video has been banned from airing on most stations, said,

"[Being sexual] is something we're comfortable with behind closed doors but very uncomfortable with in public," she said. "But, fortunately, as artists we have the platform to do things that a lot of people might not be able to do. I felt like I was at a stage in my life at which I was very comfortable in my skin.

"I'd worked on my body and I wanted to do a video that was pushing the envelope - that would have people talking and open up a conversation."

"I feel that while being a role model I also need to explore my life as a woman and target the adult market.

"There are a lot of people who love the video and are inspired. You learn you can't please everyone, so you do what feels right at the time."

"A lot of times you look at an artist and you think what they do on stage is their lifestyle, but just because we portray a certain thing on stage doesn't mean when we get off the stage we sleep with every guy we see.

"It's just a persona. I don't think anyone can look at my life and see any scandal.

"That's what parents should be teaching their children. Whether Tiwa Savage does it or not, they will have access to certain things that are bad, so we need to teach them how to decide between good and bad."

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