Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Theories on Why Jennifer Lopez Will Not Perform at the World Cup Opening Ceremony

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FIFA officials said on Sunday that Jennifer Lopez won't be performing the World Cup theme song during the World Cup's opening ceremony in Brazil because of unspecified "production issues." FIFA said in the news release that only Cuban-American rapper Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte will sing the official tune "We Are One" which they had earlier recorded and released with JLo. One is left to wonder what the issues were that JLo had with FIFA, or could there be other reasons? Let's think, shall we?

1. She Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend

JLo recently split with her boyfriend, Casper Smart, whom she dated for two and a half years [Read here]. At 27-years-old, the dancer/choreographer was 17 years her junior, and also one of her creative directors and back-up dancers. If she's taking the breakup hard, she probably needs a few more days to cry into several kleenexes and adjust her routines.

2. The Brazilians Didn't Like Her Song

NY Daily News reports that "The song has let down many Brazilians who complain that it sounds too generic for Bossa Nova-crazed audiences in Brazil and that it features foreign musicians singing mostly in English and Spanish. Leitte sings only a few seconds at the end of the song in her native Portuguese."

3. FIFA is Not Paying Her As Much as She Wanted

Now, I can't imagine how much they pay global stars like JLo, but it can't be peanuts. Maybe negotiations on the singers pay check broke down after she quoted them a back-breaking figure, and gave them an ultimatum - Take it or Leave it! They decided to leave it, I guess.

4. She Couldn't Find Babysitters

JLo is mom to four year old twins, and it is never easy meshing a career and motherhood at this stage no matter how much money you have. Also refer to #1. Casper Smart used to be her right-hand man with the twins and was very close to them and helped to take charge of them when JLo was otherwise occupied.

5. She's Just Tired and Needs Some Rest

On June 4, the Bronx belonged to Jennifer Lopez as the superstar performed a free hometown concert in front a crowd of over 25,000 fans at Orchard Beach in Pelham Bay Park. After such an outing barely a week before the World Cup, maybe JLo simply needs to give her 44 year old bones a well deserved rest.

6. It's her period, Darn it!

Unexpected, but hey, these things happen. How many women can be cavorting on a stage in a skimpy body suit as is the style of JLo with their tummy in a vice, and the chance of some unexpected leakage? Need I say more?

For those who are vexing for JLo, will you forgive her based on any of the above reasons? Below is the video of the song she would've been performing.

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