Friday, June 13, 2014

Singer Kefee is Dead, Official Statement Denies Earlier Reports of Pregnancy and Pre-Eclampsia

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Kefee Obareki Don Momoh has died at the Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas where she was taken to after she collapsed on a long-haul flight and went into coma. She never came out of the coma contrary to earlier reports. And she also was not pregnant or suffered pre-eclampsia.

Kefee was a gospel singer, known best for her singles Branamah and Kokoroko. She was said to be in her mid 30s, she had recently released a song, and was working on an album. She and her husband had spent the last few months in the US pursuing courses in video production and directing to aid them in their business.

May her soul rest in peace. And may her husband especially, and the rest of her family be comforted.

Her manager confirmed her passing in a statement and Kefee's husband also spoke to a radio OAP who announced it on air. Below is the official statement from Kefee's UK publicist for the family.

On behalf of the family….It is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the passing to glory due to lungs failure this morning of our God’s mouth piece, chorus leader, daughter, wife, sister, friend Kefee Branama Queen … May her beautiful, gentle and precious soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!!

PS: In contrast to all earlier rumors and stories in circulation, I do state that Kefee wasn’t 6 months pregnant and neither did she have pre-eclampsia.

For the family
Adeline Adelicious Adebayo, (Kefee’s UK Manager)

RML apologizes to all concerned for earlier news about Kefee's pre-eclampsia or waking from coma. They were from a newspaper and sources we thought were reliable.


  1. Unless the information came from her husband himself there is nothing reliable about copying posts from LIB or SDK. You should know better as an author this is not the first time you have copied and published false information and then came up with an apology when the truth came out. If you noticed BN never ran with the pregnancy or preclampsia story that should have led alarm bells to ring for you.
    May Kefee rest in eternal peace.

  2. So sad, this has got to be one of the saddest moments in my life. There should be some corrections though. She was on a flight from Los Angeles to Chicago, but she collapsed and was taken to a hospital in Las Vegas. She died in Vegas and I didn't really believe those pregnancy rumors. She's been in a coma in last month. How do I know? I was with her the day before the collapsed. She had been in Los Angeles already. She perform at Gospel Faith Mission House of Testimony on Sunday. The next day, Monday, she was shooting a music video in Hollywood, CA. I was one of her camera guys. She seemed fine that day, and I could see nothing wrong with her at all. She was happy, smiling, dancing, laughing and enjoying herself. There was a whole crew and we spent the entire day shooting the video. The next day, she was supposed to bored a plane to Chicago for what I believe was either another concert or another video shoot, I'm not exactly sure but as she boarded the plane and they took off, she collapsed. The pilots were forced to land the plane in Las Vegas, Nevada and there she was taken to the hospital. She's been in a coma ever since and now this. She's passed and my heart is heavy. I had so much fun shooting her video. And if you could see all the excitement was caused, you would be so happy. It is a sad moment indeed. I just can't believe this. R.I.P. because you served the Lord well Kefee. R.I.P.

    To verify that she was already in LA, here's a video of the message she made promoting her performance there

    1. Thank you Anon, please what is your name?


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