Thursday, June 5, 2014

Simi Osomo Bans From Her Wedding All Friends Who Missed Her Bachelorette Party

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Simi Osomo is the fiancee of popular musician Dr. Sid and the couple are planning their wedding [see Introduction pics]. The soon-to-be-bride planned her bachelorette party for Las Vegas last weekend [see Venice proposal] but it seems most of the close friends invited didn’t show up. Simi Osomo has therefore decided to ban those friends who didn’t make the trip from attending her wedding ceremony.

Simi's anger stems from the fact that these friends not only did not come, they also didn’t bother to inform her that they wont be attending, meaning her group plans, all paid upfront were for nought. She sent out an email tho those concerned about her feeling and how she did not wish to see them at her wedding.

Do you think Simi is going overboard, and taking a decision in the heat of anger that she will later regret?

It shouldn't be compulsory to put unnecessary expenses on your bridesmaids but at the same time, courtesy demands that the friends let her know in time if they cannot afford any of the cost of what a would-be-bride has planned for them.

Have you ever been caught in this sort of situation, where you decided not to pay for an ashebi, an expensive gift, or a destination wedding? How did that affect your relationship with the soon-to-be-newlyweds?

According to Linda Ikeji, a source close to Simi and her friends said,

"Yes, she invited a few close female pals but she wasn't paying for accommodation or flight and most of them didn't think it was worth it. It was a bachelorrette party, not a wedding and Vegas is an expensive place to visit if you didn't plan for it" 

Here is a copy of the email she sent to her friends

Subject: Bachelorette Party

I''m emailing in regards to my bachelorette party in Vegas. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that, out of courtesy and regard for me, you would have communicated to me or Titi in advance that you will not be able make the trip.

I communicated with you on different occasions beforehand and at no point did you tell me you couldn't make it or at least mention your reasons for not showing up. Titi spent a lot of time, effort and money planning the Vegas trip, with a lot on the itinerary already paid for, but you couldn't be considerate enough to respond to the final email confirming arrival dates and times saying you couldn't make it.

After careful thought of your actions towards me, I would like to let you know formally that you are not invited to Sidney and I's wedding. I would like to share it with the ones who truly care and support me - friends I can count on, who equally hold me in high regard.
Thanks & God bless.


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  2. I understand being pissed at her friends lack of courtesy but I hope she really put thought into this decision before she announced it. This could possibly end a friendship, outside of this circumstance, that she holds dear. I can say I would definitely be angry if my friends never bothered to inform me they couldn't or wouldn't be able to partake in my festivities. At the end of the day, your wedding celebration is only about the unity of you and the man you are about to marry. If she honestly feels like these people don't deserve to be at her wedding then so be it. It's her day and it's all about what she wants.


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