Friday, June 27, 2014

Rick Ross Loses 100lbs in One Year, How Did He Achieve His Weight Loss?

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Rick Ross recently unveiled a slimmer body in his pictures shared on social media and has now also opened up on the process of his weight loss. And no, it is not Weight Watchers.

The rapper said it was a combination of a slight diet plan and a CrossFit exercise routine, and that he has been able to lose 100 pounds over the last year. Rick Ross used to have seizures some years ago and this led Reebok, whose brand he represents to introduce him to a trainer to help him lose weight.

Rick Ross explained in an interview:

I do this sh-t called CrossFit. I call it RossFit. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I call it ROSSFIT. Earlier this summer, Reebok had introduced me to a trainer, and what he turned me onto was — let’s say, for instance, if you got on the treadmill, and you did that sh-t for 30 minutes.

Yeah, you burning calories, but you could be doing something that’s burning calories and building muscle at the same time. So, it’s like you working out for a shorter time.

I could go [...] But now, they, they, you know, they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit, you know, tasted like. I eat pears now and sh-t like that.

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