Wednesday, June 25, 2014

R Kelly Says of Jaya Kelly "Don't Call Her My Son" - 14 Year Old Daughter is Transitioning to Male

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R Kelly youngest daughter with ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, came out as Tranguy [female to male] at the beginning of the month. The 14 year old Jaya Kelly now goes by the name Jay and revealed that he has identified as male since he was 7 years old.

In an AMA on AskFm, Jay admitted that her father has only just found out about the transition and has not spoken to her since. However, his mother, Drea Kelly and sister have known for a while and are very supportive [read here].

R Kelly has finally addressed the issue of his daughter, Jaya's transition to male when during an interview this week, he was asked about it. R.Kelly immediately told the reporter not to refer to Jaya as his son.

"Well, first off don’t start by calling her my son. As far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see - with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business. I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true.”

It is clear that R Kelly is having difficulty coming to terms with his child's transition, and looking at the picture above, it is not hard to see how hard it can be. I doubt it is an easy process for any parent to deal with such gender changes in their young children.

Jay's mother has obviously had a longer time to get used to her daughter turning into her son, but at least it has happened before her eyes.

I hope with time R Kelly and Jay are able to come to a more amicable relationship.

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