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Pregnant Uche Ogbodo Separates From Her Fiance and Father of Her Baby

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Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has confirmed that she is split from her fiance and the father of her coming baby Ato Ubby.

The actress - who is heavily pregnant and currently in America to birth her baby and her ex footballer beau had a private engagement/introduction ceremony in October 2013 but their relationship broke down before their marriage could be finalized.

There were earlier speculations that the couple had split because Norway-based Ato Ubby was already married to a white woman with kids but Uche said that is not true. She said this in an interview with Stella Dimorkorkus

Read some excerpts below...

-What happened?
This is really a hard question to answer, but all I can say Is that barely one month into the Engagement and in the process of planning a formal wedding I realised I had made the greatest mistake of my life.The Foundation of the Union was based On lies and Deceit..shocking lies.we had been dating for a almost year and i thought i knew it all but nothing prepared me for what unfolded.

-Is he married already?
...No,he isnt married to anyone else

-You got pregnant in the process?
On the verge of trying to salvage the situation I found out I was expecting a child. I kept quiet to the Rumours Making the rounds because I was left with the option of thinking for my child and trying to salvage a dead situation but now I have finally made up my mind to break off the Engagement and my Reasons are Irreconcilable...

-Uche so you are saying you never got married and the engagement is off?
 I just want to be left alone to take care of my Child. Stella I wasn't married I was engaged to be married but as things stand now, the engagement is officially broken due to irreconcilable differences and since I am having my baby soon, my Doctors has advised me to rest as my health and that of my Baby is the most important thing right now..

-So you are the one walking away and not him?you want to go into details?
..Yes i am the one walking out on the pack of lies,I am not going to pretend because i want to be married,i am not desperate and i would rather swallow my pride and accept i made a big mistake than forge ahead in lies.I am sorry i cannot go into details because i do not want to trade words or run my ex down because he is the father of the child i am carrying.
I am sorry if keeping quiet misled people into my status was already married.
The excitement of looking forward to birthing my child kinda numbs the shock and disappointment but i will be fine.

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