Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[Please Advice] I Want to Quit My Dropout Boyfriend and Our Stagnant Relationship

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Dear Myne ... I saw ur post on breakups, it's really wonderful. I am about to quit a four-year relationship. I am a graduate of Philosophy from Unilag. I graduated about four years ago. I met this guy when I was in 300level. I showed my affection to him first. The problem started during my fourth year; he failed a course and as a medical student he had to go back or change department.

Being a very brilliant chap, he found it so difficult to do either. Despite my efforts to encourage him to find a way to continue, he could not finish the programme; he left the school. I used to assure him of my love and support. However, things are not going as planned for me too; I still do not have a good job. My plan was to get married to him if I could get a job with good salary. Same with his plan of travelling abroad, that one is not working out also. He wrote TOEFL and passed but has not got an admission.

In a nutshell, What I can observe is stagnancy. He keeps telling me all will be fine but no action. I am now a 27year old woman and I really wish to be married dis year. Please what do I do? I'm tired of the guy and the relationship.We've had nothing to celebrate. I'm dying pschologically.

Will I be making a mistake if I go ahead and leave him?


  1. dear poster, you owe this man NOTHING. Break up with him fast and move on with your life. Due to his pride he dropped out of school what does that tell you about his character?
    Truth is he DOES NOT need a girl friend now. he needs to straighten out his life and he knows it. how long are you willing to wait for him? And he is already talking about moving abroad. And you dont even love him anymore so please free yourself for the next guy. goodluck.

  2. Quit already and stop whining. I hate women who can't make up their mind!

  3. Seriously am in dsame situation and am 27 too, left mine but e keeps begging me, he loves me but I dnt love em and buy out of pity is nt a tin 4 me, really confused.


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