Sunday, June 22, 2014

Models and High Heels Do Not Go Together on The Runway

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I have blogged before that when it comes to shoes, high heels are my weakness. My shoe collection is embarrassing sometimes - like when the janitor came to fix our water pump which is in our closet, right beehind my stack of shoes, most of them high heel shoes, and I mean HIGH HEEL.

While I love how elegant and sexy those six-inchers make you feel, there is a time I think women should keep those heels more moderate. And I think that is when models are walking fashion pieces down the runway. These models are already 6ft tall and above, what do they need such high heels for?

Many compilations have been made showing models falling off their high heels on runways. It can't be easy walking like a cat when you're a human being, and that with people staring so closely at you.

The videos are funny though you can't help but pity the young girls too. But what baffles me is how the other models keep such straight faces and keep walking as their mates are falling? Very few reach out a hand to help, and in some cases, they all fall down too. LOL...

I read a couple of bad heels posts [here and here] that inspired this post. Do check them out.

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